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How the Design of Modern SUVs Makes Them More Dangerous to Pedestrians

Published on Oct 29, 2020 at 10:18 am in Pedestrian Accident.
How the Design of Modern SUVs Makes Them More Dangerous to Pedestrians

With the number of technological and safety enhancements and features vehicles are equipped with today, you would think it would be safe to assume that fewer accidents would happen. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, the design of modern SUVs actually makes them more dangerous to pedestrians.

When drivers over-rely on the technology inside their vehicles, it’s possible they can forget simple safety habits while behind the wheel. This includes remembering how to properly drive around pedestrians. Let’s take a look at some pedestrian accident statistics and why the designs of today’s SUVs are contributing to them.

The Rise of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accidents

Published on Oct 15, 2020 at 11:02 am in Pedestrian Accident.
The Rise of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accidents

Many Americans were working from home or staying at home in the past few months. Now that many cities and states are opening up again, people are returning to the streets and sidewalks. With more pedestrians and bicyclists coming back to the streets as well as motorists back on the road, the groups will have to relearn how to navigate sharing the road.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are more prone to serious injuries when involved in an accident because their bodies take the brunt of the force as opposed to passengers in a motor vehicle in an accident. If you’ve been involved in an accident where a motorist hit you on your bike or while walking, then you could have a personal injury claim against them. A lawyer from the Law Office of Todd W. Burris can help you get justice by recovering financially from your injuries while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Often Occur?

Published on May 31, 2019 at 12:08 pm in Pedestrian Accident.
Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Often Occur?

Depending on where you live, walking may be a means of exercise, relaxation, or transportation. As a pedestrian, you can save money on gas, help the environment, and improve your own health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, negligent drivers can cause accidents that seriously injure or even kill those on foot. No matter how often you walk to get where you’re going, it’s crucial to know where pedestrian accidents occur most often.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 129,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency room departments for non-fatal accident-related injuries in 2015. The following year, 5,987 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes. Nearly 20 percent of the fatally injured were over the age of 65. Additionally, one in five children under the age of 15 who were killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians. Understanding where pedestrian accidents tend to occur can help you avoid a dangerous or potentially deadly situation.

5 Ways to Boost Your Visibility as a Pedestrian

Published on Feb 15, 2019 at 6:34 am in Pedestrian Accident.
5 Ways to Boost Your Visibility as a Pedestrian

Many people may consider driver safety because they’re aware of how dangerous car accidents can be when motorists aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing. But what they may not think about is being safe as a pedestrian. When a pedestrian is hit with a car, they have nothing to protect them. As a result, the consequences can be severe or sometimes fatal.

The Law Office of Todd W. Burris has protected the rights of Kentucky citizens and for years. Based in Lexington, we’re prepared to provide you with the help you need. We understand how traumatic it can be when you’re wrongfully injured. We have expertise in cases like this and know what it takes to get you favorable results.

We’re prepared to carefully investigate the accident, the accounts of the accident, including speaking to eyewitnesses, gather evidence from the scene and review medical records. From this, we’ll piece together who was at fault, how they were negligent, and how their negligence harmed you. We’ll calculate the expenses of your injury and then fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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