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Lexington, KY Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

With the rising costs of fuel and how congested many of our busiest streets and highways are, it’s no wonder that more people are walking to their destinations whenever possible. The health benefits of walking over driving are certainly a plus. Despite the benefits, there are a few risks to walking on busy streets alongside cars. The most notable might be the fact that if a pedestrian becomes involved in an accident with a vehicle, the pedestrian will be the one to suffer most.

Car vs. pedestrian traffic accidents almost always result in serious or even catastrophic injuries for the pedestrian. When a body as large and heavy as a passenger car hits a human being, the math simply isn’t in favor of the pedestrian. These accidents are far and few in between thanks to how our streets and sidewalks are designed as well as how traffic laws force drivers to always give pedestrians the right-of-way, but that doesn’t mean accidents never happen.

In the year 2013 alone, more than 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms across the nation for non-fatal car crash-related injuries. 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. We’ve been quite lucky in the state of Kentucky—only 55 of these fatalities occurred in our state—but the threat is always there regardless of how cautious a pedestrian is.

The Difficulty in Deciding Fault During a Car vs. Pedestrian Accident

In the unfortunate scenario of a major car vs. pedestrian crash, the pedestrian may be left needing a great deal of expensive medical care. Depending on the nature of the accident and the driver’s auto insurance policy, getting the necessary amount of financial help from the driver can be extremely difficult—if not impossible—due to the fact that the driver’s insurance adjusters will likely do everything in their power to claim that the crash was caused by the pedestrian.

Most drivers are quick to blame pedestrians for walking too close to the street or for stepping off a curb too soon. They’re also quick to blame a pedestrian for not making their presence more obvious, even if that pedestrian was doing everything they could to remain visible to drivers. The unfortunate truth is that many drivers simply don’t watch out for pedestrians like they should and get distracted too easily.

Distracted driving—whether a driver is distracted by a text, a phone call, or a conversation—causes an incredible amount of car accidents each and every year. A great deal of these crashes involve pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles. Unless a driver is remaining watchful and alert 100% of the time while behind the wheel, it can be easy to miss a pedestrian stepping off a curb.

Some drivers also neglect to properly give pedestrians the right-of-way. This can lead to a fatal crash, especially when the pedestrian is expecting the driver to wait for them. In these types of situations, the driver may claim that they didn’t see the pedestrian at all. In all of these situations, proving who is really at fault can be extremely complicated without legal assistance.

Getting Help from a Lexington, KY Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car vs. pedestrian car crash, you should know that legal help is available. With a skilled and knowledgeable Lexington, KY pedestrian accident lawyer on your side, you can get the medical care you need to recover as well as any financial assistance needed to help your family through this rough time. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to prove who was really at fault for the accident and locate the evidence needed to win your case.

Todd W. Burris, Lexington, KY personal injury lawyer and pedestrian accident attorney, has experience   fighting difficult cases for his clients. He knows just how tricky insurance adjusters can be and how to get you the financial help you need to get back on your feet again. Filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver will additionally help that driver never make the same mistake twice. Pedestrian safety must remain a priority on our Kentucky streets. Contact our office to learn more or receive a free case evaluation.

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