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Dedicated to serving our clients with integrity, consistent communication, and excellent legal representation

If you have been seriously injured by a negligent driver in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident on Kentucky roads, we understand the challenges and difficulties you face. At the Law Office of Todd Burris, we focus on Lexington, KY personal injury cases and are here to help you through the issues you are dealing with. We can help you get the care and compensation you need and deserve.

The Law Office of Todd Burris is built on the principles of trust, faith, and commitment. Our mission is to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes with effective resolutions to their legal needs. While we understand the importance of providing sound legal advice and excellent representation, we also feel it is equally important to build strong and lasting client relationships and community support. We do this by guiding our clients through their legal problems with honor, respect, and a clear focus and direction.

Dedicated to one client at a time

What does being dedicated to one client at a time mean to us? It means that we work on your case as though it were the most important case in our office, because it is. Your case may not offer the biggest potential payout among our caseload, but whatever your case is worth, it is important to you and it’s important to us.

What does being dedicated to one client at a time mean to you? It means that when you call with a question about your case, you will talk to Todd Burris himself and not a paralegal. Todd will be able to answer your question because he is the one working personally on your case, and not a paralegal. Large firms cannot promise that level of service because that’s not how they operate. It’s just how we do things at the Law Office of Todd W. Burris, because we believe that’s how our clients want to be treated.

Why a Lexington personal injury lawyer?

You might be wondering what exactly a Lexington personal injury attorney can do for you. Personal injury lawsuits or cases are legal disputes which aren’t criminal matters, but focus on getting help for a victim of a wrongdoing or negligent act. The goal of a personal injury case is to provide financial assistance and stability for a victim and their loved ones, ensuring they can recover from their injuries and get back on their feet again.

For a personal injury case to be successful in court, two questions need to be answered:

  • Were you or a loved one seriously injured and/or have suffered as a result of an accident or injury?
  • Is someone potentially legally responsible for that accident or injury but did not face criminal charges?

If you can answer “Yes” to both of these questions, you have a legal right to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer and potentially get the help you and your family need.

An experienced Lexington, KY injury attorney can make a difference

If you have been seriously injured in a Kentucky car or truck accident or have lost a loved one due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another, contact Todd W. Burris, PSC, Lexington, KY personal injury lawyer, for a free consultation. We cover all of Lexington as well as the surrounding cities and communities. If you cannot travel to our office due to your injury, we can arrange to come visit you at your home, in the hospital, or wherever is most convenient for you. Call today at (859) 252-2222 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to help you with your legal needs.

I wouldn’t have known where to start dealing with everything regarding my accident. I was injured but before the MRI and more in depth procedures, we didn’t know just how severe it was, though I knew I was in pain and unable to function at capacity. In the beginning, even talking to my own auto insurance provider felt risky because I didn’t have all the answers, yet I felt like they wanted me to wrap things up. Handing it over to Todd and his office was a relief. They took care of the stressful things I didn’t know how to deal with and I was able to focus on PT, surgery recovery, and more PT. They worked through the negotiations of a settlement and I was able to focus on healing. I’m so thankful.
Amber Wedding
12:42 25 Jul 23
They were not able to take my case so they found a firm that could. I really appreciate that they used their own valuable time to do that. Thank you!!
21:53 30 Sep 22
Todd was a consummate professional, and handled my case with skill and patience. He was pragmatic and set the proper expectations as far as the time that would be involved from the start, and there were no huge surprises along the way, which I greatly appreciated.It is good to have someone in your corner that keeps the playing field in front of you, ensures that you are never surprised, and always works to ensure that your needs are met. That is what Todd did for me.
Randy Cravens
13:57 30 Jun 22
Helped me with a motorcycle accident. Was extremely courteous and professional.
David Suarez
21:36 29 Jun 22
Helped me with a motorcycle accident. Was extremely courteous and professional.
David Suarez
18:19 22 Jun 22
Very friendly and easy to work with. The personal injury claim process was explained to me every step of the way to ensure I understood. I highly recommend .
daviska parker
18:30 15 Jun 22
When we panicked after a car accident, we found this attorney, Todd W. Burris, on google. The reviews were excellent, so I decided to trust them. Working with Todd, we only could focus on our treatment. Todd and Joanne responded quickly and explained in detail, when we needed to contact them. Todd put his expertise into handling the work with insurance companies. And I give five stars.
Jong Kim
15:27 11 Dec 21
highly recommend Todd W. Burris because of his quick response to handle your case and quickly solve the problem. Very helpful and lots of getting advice for your case.
Bal Gurung
22:13 10 Dec 21
I am very pleased with how much Todd and Joanne worked to get me a fair settlement after my car accident. I would highly recommend them!
22:04 14 Oct 21
Our family is very pleased that we engaged Todd to represent us in an auto-related accident. Initially, our hope was to have only medical bills covered by the other party's insurance; however, Todd negotiated a much more fair and favorable resolution on our behalf that included compensation for the physical and psychological trauma related to the accident. Because of Todd's expertise, not only did we get medical expenses covered, but we also got better positioned financially because of the difficulty we endured as a result of the wreck. The paralegal department was extremely diligent guiding us through the process, and Todd himself was always accessible.
Tommy Green
20:00 04 Oct 21
We consider ourselves fortunate to have Todd Burris as our legal representative.Both he and his assistant Joanne are professional in every since of the word.They stood beside us during one of the most trying times in our lives with the utmost of grace , professionalism and concern.
Ron Rohrer
17:46 21 Apr 21
Mr. Burris went above and beyond to help my husband after his accident. He and Joanne were always available to answer our questions and to provide updates to put our minds at ease.We are extremely grateful to Todd and Joanne for the level of care and professionalism they have shown us!
libbi Evans
02:52 01 Apr 21
I am very pleased with Mr. Todd and Mrs Joanne for been helping during the car accident, after I left the hospital I felt hopeless I didn’t know what to do. Thanks God I found him on the internet on the survey. I talk to on the phone with him I felt he was very helpful, honest, and guide me. They deserve more than one hundred they’re the best people I ever had to trust . Thank you for everything. God bless you both. Great team
Angela Sarmiento
19:07 17 Mar 21
Thankful for the professional and courteous services Ms. Joanne Sharpsteen and Mr. Todd Burris provided me during my unfortunate situation. They treated me so kind and listened to my every concern. They were always responsive. Thank you for allowing me to trust you through this process and for being my voice when I felt like I did not have one. If you are looking for a fair, professional lawyer, you will not go wrong choosing Todd Burris and his staff! Thanks again for being there and standing up for my case! 5+ stars! THANK YOU!
C Rogers
16:23 02 Feb 21
I am very happy withTodd W Burris , he and his team Joan has really help me out for my settlement , I am very pleased , thank you .
Linda Johnson
14:59 20 Jan 21
Todd was thorough from the beginning when I contacted him regarding my accident. Both Todd and Joanne were quick to respond to any questions I had and kept me in the loop at every turn. I would recommend the law office of Todd Burris to anyone and know that he has your best interest at heart.
Jasmine m
17:38 26 Nov 20
Working with Todd and Joanne was such a hassle and worry free experience. Whenever I had a question about my case I knew I could call and talk to Joanne and she would get me exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism and willingness to help. If I ever need legal assistance again I know I’ll be giving Todd a call.
Bryan Wood
19:16 20 Nov 20
Mr Burris and his staff were amazing. They helped my son in so many ways. He was hit by a car while walking with his grandmother and Mr Burris helped and was always there if we had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend him and will look to him if ever needed in the future(hopefully won’t need to lol)
Misty Long
00:12 06 Nov 20
Thank you all so much for your help.
porche lee
16:37 02 Sep 20
I highly recommend Todd W. Burris as he is honest, diligent, cares deeply for his clients, always keeps in touch, and he gets amazing results!!!
Brooklyn Yates
14:52 02 Sep 20
Todd Burris is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is well versed and always kept me informed about my case. He showed genuine interest in the care of my daughter as he focused on getting her the settlement she deserved. I would recommend his office to those in need of an experienced and intelligent lawyer. He is the best.
Maci Riddle
21:39 30 Jun 20
Excellent attorney. Would recommend to anyone.
Melissa Kemp
16:56 28 May 20
After getting into a car accident last year, 2019, I immediate wanted to get the best lawyer involved. I had my 7 month old in the car at the time, and my back was injured. It was hard enough trying to be not only a mom, but an injured mom! My husband and I decided to reach out to Todd, and it was the best decision ever. It was quick, and easy! Thank you Todd for everything
21:02 05 Mar 20
I inquired about services and Mr. Burris responded in a thorough manner. Even though I decided to go with another firm, for other reasons. I would recommend giving his firm a call. It is obvious he cares very much about the client. Thank you.
Kelley Michaels
11:51 28 Jan 20
My experience with Todd and his staff was exceptional. They were very proactive through the process. I was very appreciative of how they continually followed up and lead through every step of the way.
14:44 27 Jan 20
Todd handled my car accident case & he was extremely professional and fast at what he does. Case for settled within a 2 -3 month span!
Cinn Taylor
19:07 02 Jan 20
Todd Burris was so helpful with helping me with my car accident case I couldnt of done it without him and his team. I recommend Todd Burris 100 % he will help answer all your questions and handle everything in a professional manner. Now me and my family can finally move forward from this incident Thanks so much!
Sandra Godinez
19:15 06 Dec 19
Todd is absolutely fantastic at what he does. He puts his clients first and puts 110% effort in every case he’s a part of. This was my first incident where I needed an attorney and he came through perfectly for me. And I would recommend him to anybody out there who’s looking for an attorney.
Hi there spongebob my name is PATBACK
17:59 19 Nov 19
Hello, my name is Derrick Lyons, I'm currently being represented in a car accident case by Todd W. Burris and since the day iv talk to him on the phone and stepped foot in his office, he has been excellent. Always staying in contact with me, keeping me updated on everything that's going on, and I feel very comfortable with Todd representing me. He is getting the job done.
Derrick Lyons
16:10 16 Sep 19
Todd is the best attorney to handle your case. He was there for us every step of the way. Todd was always available and fought hard to help us get what we deserved. Circumstances can be tough but Todd is tougher!
Tender Turner
21:22 14 Aug 19
Todd Burris is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him; he is honest, fights hard for you, and keeps you informed every step of the way. I am grateful to have found his practice and would encourage anyone to use his expertise and wisdom for their legal needs. Thank you for making this hard process much more smooth for me and my family.
Marla Linwick
01:53 11 Aug 19
Very happy with this honest, straightforward, likeable attorney. He was easy to communicate with and kept me up to date on my case. He was great at helping me through the processes and answering my novice questions. Thanks, Todd and team!
Joshua Lourie
20:58 15 Jul 19
Thanks Mr: Tutt W. BurrisFor the good works you are the Best fighterLawyer. And you are approve that.
Zephaniyah Israel
14:06 23 Apr 19
A year and a half ago my parents were involved in a car accident that took my mother's life and left my dad hospitalized and near death. I didn't know where to turn or what to do until a friend recommended Todd, he was truly a godsend to me and my family. Todd and his staff immediately took over the task of dealing with the insurance companies as well as their lawyers and allowed me to concentrate on the care of my dad. He is truly a credit to his profession and you couldn't ask for a better man both personally and professionally. I cannot say enough good things about Todd and his amazing team. Although I hope no one else finds themselves in the position I was I can't think of anyone better than Todd Burris to have fighting for them. Now my Dad is still on the road to recovery and thanks to Todd his recovery is the only thing that he has to be concerned with. Thanks again Todd for being such a blessing when we needed it most.
David Harrington
21:44 19 Nov 18
A year and a half ago my parents were involved in a car accident that took my mother's life and left my dad hospitalized and near death. I didn't know where to turn or what to do until a friend recommended Todd, he was truly a godsend to me and my family. Todd and his staff immediately took over the task of dealing with the insurance companies as well as their lawyers and allowed me to concentrate on the care of my dad. He is truly a credit to his profession and you couldn't ask for a better man both personally and professionally. I cannot say enough good things about Todd and his amazing team. Although I hope no one else finds themselves in the position I was I can't think of anyone better than Todd Burris to have fighting for them. Now my Dad is still on the road to recovery and thanks to Todd his recovery is the only thing that he has to be concerned with. Thanks again Todd for being such a blessing when we needed it most.
David Harrington
21:44 19 Nov 18
When my client's parents were involved in a major car accident in Kentucky involving a commercial truck, they asked me to locate an attorney who could help. It's not often that an attorney is available immediately to discuss the case, give insight, and agree to handle all facets of the case from start to finish. Todd did just that. From my first call to him to the most recent resolution of the matter, Todd was extremely professional, attentive to my clients, aggressive when he had to be and thorough in his case prep. I would highly recommend Todd and his staff to anyone looking for an attorney to assist them during such a difficult time. Although no amount of money can bring back a mother or a spouse, my clients are extremely thankful for the recovery Todd was able to obtain on their behalf.Donald P. McPhee, Esq. (Salem, NY)
Donald McPhee
17:16 01 Nov 18
We love Todd! Definitely recommend him and have given his number out to my own friends whenever they need a lawyer. He has helped us with 3 different cases.
Bethany Galguera
16:13 31 Oct 18
Todd Burris is the best personal injury lawyer in the buisness i had a car wreck in April 2016 and settled about a year later which was prolonged a little bit due to surgeries and multiple people involved in lawsuit i can tell u it was LIFE CHANGING to sum it up i paid CASH for my home and 3 cars and all new furniture and whatever i wanted i got my life back and while waiting on my settlement got loans i needed to live and pay bills until i got the end settlement needless to say Todd and his team took care of me and my family !! Everytime i called it was handled immediately and never had to wait or feel unimportant extremely personal all the time and what i thought we would settle for Todd got me 3x as much- like i said i paid CASH for my home 132,500 with alot left over he changed my life for the better and i was able to be comfortable i would recommend him 100% and never worry once he had my signed contract sit back and wait for him to work his magic he will not let you down BEST IN THE BUSINESS hands down !!!THANKS TODD always family to me now!!!
Caryn McCay
04:39 26 Sep 18
I would highly recommend the Law Office of Todd W. Burris to anyone needing the services of a personal injury lawyer. He and his staff professionally and diligently work on your case. They were in constant contact with me and kept me informed about the progress of the case. I had never been involved in this type of action before and he and his team educated me on what was going to happen and let me know what to expect. It was a great relief to have Todd tell me to concentrate on recovering from my injuries and that they would handle “the rest”. And that is exactly what they did. I am very pleased with the way my situation was handled and with the outcome.
Norm Shaver
02:00 30 Aug 18
OUTSTANDING results with an incredibly diligent and patient team. If I could leave a 10 star review, I would. I HIGHLY recommend Todd and his staff to anyone needing his services. Again, and I can't say it loud enough. OUTSTANDING results with a friendly and patient enviorment. Couldn't recommend them enough!!!
RIchard Clements
14:18 22 Aug 18
From our first consultation I was always well informed and thoroughly explained every step. Todd Burris is very knowledgeable and compassionate about what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Anita Carpenter
15:37 15 Aug 18
Mr. Burris represented me in a slip and fall accident recently against a large firm. He worked very hard and long on this case as it was no easy task. He told me what to expect and I trusted him, and from that moment on he never stopped until the case was satisfied. I would recommend Mr. Burris to anyone who needed an attorney because I know no one will work as hard for you as he will.
linda blackburn
15:43 19 Jul 18
Todd W. Burris was the most professional person I have ever worked with. His staff is very professional and respectful as well. He is prompt and always made sure I knew everything that was going on within our case. He has worked with my family and I for over 2 years and I would recommend him to anyone. He helped my family through one of the worst times of our lives and continues to be of great help. I absolutely loved working with Todd and if you want someone that is honest and does right by his clients ; I’d say definitely go see Todd. We had a very long case and I feel like I got to know him a little better, he is truly a genuine and trustworthy person and highly recommended.
Tabitha Marcum
14:44 12 Jul 18
I highly recommend Todd Burris. He was very kind to me when I needed it and helped me settle my case quickly. He is honest and trustworthy and helps you navigate a system that is hard to understand if you are not an attorney. He and his staff take care of negotiating with all of your insurance issues.,
Diana Worthington
23:25 18 Jun 18
It was great service. Very friendly. The best office in town. This is my second case with him and I'm very satisfied.
Yuridia BJ
16:31 20 Mar 18
On June 21, 2016 my mother that was 84 years old was hit by a pick up truck while walking in her neighborhood on a clear sunny day in the afternoon. She was in the hospital for about 3 weeks before she was able to come home. I contacted Todd Burris after dealing with insurance companies without success. Todd was very successful in dealing with both the insurance companies and medicare in reaching a settlement for my mother. Todd is both personable and a professional whenever you need to ask him a question. I highly recommend him in dealing with any personal injury case. I will turn to Todd to handle any personal injury case that might arise in the future.
David Davila
14:12 19 Feb 18
I highly recommend Todd's Law Office. The reason I like him was he worked with me one on one and he is really for you. Thank you very much Todd W. Burris!!! I will recommend you to my friends, family and clients!
Carla W
15:22 08 Feb 18
I feel very fortunate to have Too Burris handle my case. He walked me through the process and was very personable. He is very diligent and awesome results. I would highly recommend his office.
Michael Garcia
20:12 06 Feb 18
I highly recommend Todd W. Burris for your personal injury claim. He helped me after my accident, and I couldn't be any happier with the service that I received from his office!
Lakeisha Burkhart
20:18 31 Jan 18
I had the pleasure of working with Todd on behalf of one of his clients. Todd demonstrated a great deal of concern for his client and the work my company performed on their behalf. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney who is willing to go the distance to see that their needs are met.
Media Stream
19:43 30 Jan 18
The Law Office of Todd W. Burris is a top notch law firm. Todd Burris represented my step-daughter's auto related case very well and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend his services to anyone. We are grateful he was there for us.
Justin Goodpaster
23:53 21 Nov 17
If you need to contact representation, that is usually during a difficult season of life. Mr. Burris is trustworthy and competant to guide you through this process. He represented me with excellence, honesty, integrity and fairness. I am very grateful for his partnership. I highly recommend his service.
Corry Hayes
16:01 20 Nov 17
More than impressed considering the nature of my case by what he was able to accomplish. Would recommend him to anyone.
Evan Fields
21:04 16 Nov 17
Todd and his team worked hard on our case. Very professional and personable!! Would recommend to anyone!! Thank you!!!
Rachel Beckett
01:38 02 Nov 17
Wonderful experience!! Only had to meet twice. And the second visit was to receive a check!
Robert Beckett
20:05 01 Nov 17
I would highly recommend Todd Burris to handle your personal injury claim. I was seriously injured in a car accident and he was able to find several insurance policies that helped pay all my bills and obtain a great settlement for my pain and suffering. (:
Marissa Terry
21:50 26 Sep 17
Had a great experience working with Attorney Todd W. Burris, who represented me in an auto claim. Was very helpful and informative during the process. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend him for any personal injury cases.
19:40 08 Aug 17
i would refer anyone who is looking for someone who truly goes above and beyond to help you or your family in need to get a hold of Todd Burris my sister was 34 and hit by an automobile and died Mr. Burris made sure to help our family and helped her 6 children get some money for their future.THANK YOU for all your help.
Tasha Baker
20:02 21 Jul 17
Todd W. Burris was extremely helpful and very reliable. He helped me after I was in a serious car wreck and my insurance company wasn't going to pay. I highly recommend him.
Elizabeth Gilvin
19:21 19 Jul 17
Todd was phenomenal! Given the situation with my accident I was worried about the process. Todd explained every step and set my mind at ease. I am beyond grateful to him for his help and care ilwith my case. HIGHLY recommend him. He will treat you like family and fight for you. Thanks so much Todd! You're the best!!!!
Kay K
14:17 30 Jun 17
I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mr. Todd Burris to represent anyone that requires a personal injury attorney…Right from the start he and his staff were always available for questions and answered all inquiries. He goes the distance for his client and explains everything in detail no matter how big or small. Mr. Burris is a devout Christian with excellent morals in whom I felt very comfortable giving all my trust. I am truly grateful for his knowledge, support and dedication of my family.
Darcey Me
02:35 02 Mar 17
I have worked with a number of Attorneys & I must sayTodd Burris is truly for his clients. A rarity for sure. Toddis honest & worked hard for us. We felt comfortable from themoment we met Todd. The staff is also wonderful, helpful,& above all friendly. Any company is only as good as thepeople representing them. Todd Burris will be my "go to"Attorney for any future legal help we may need.Many Thanks to Todd Burris & his Staff!Nelson & Ruby Graves
Sonya G
22:36 18 Jul 16




Practicing personal injury law to protect and advocate for Kentucky residents.

If you need a Lexington personal injury attorney who’s committed to helping victims and their loved ones overcome tragedy and odds that seem against them, Todd W. Burris has the compassion, drive, and skill necessary to make both recovery and closure a reality. He prioritizes trust, honesty, and integrity when speaking and meeting with every client. He understands that communication is integral to these values.

When you contact our firm, you’ll quickly see these values in action and how much our staff cares about our clients. We believe that as legal professionals, it’s our duty to obtain favorable settlements for our clients, take their cases to trial if necessary, but most importantly, be there for our clients every step of the way. Our goal is to build a partnership with you—one that ensures you’re always aware of what’s happening with your claim and what your best options are.

As a former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, Todd W. Burris has the experience and resources needed to litigate complex injury cases and succeed. He prefers building partnerships and working with clients on a personal level, however. He believes in helping others withstand, fight against, and overcome adversity. He believes in helping families recover from accidents that could have been avoided had individuals or groups not been negligent.

If you or a loved one was in a serious accident that may have been caused by carelessness, recklessness, or otherwise negligent actions or inaction, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.




If you're unable to call us, please fill out the form below. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our initial case evaluation is always free. No strings attached.

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