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Who’s at Fault for a T-Bone Accident?

Published on Mar 24, 2023 at 12:53 pm in Car Accident.
Who’s at Fault for a T-Bone Accident?

Was your car struck broadside at an intersection? Did another vehicle pull into the road and collide with the side of your vehicle? These types of accidents are often referred to as “T-bone” accidents. Named for the shape of a “T” that is created when another vehicle strikes the side of your own, a T-bone accident can result in serious injuries to the driver, passenger, or occupants of the back seat.

Determining who’s at fault for a T-bone accident requires thorough investigation. When liability is called into question, investigating attorneys and insurance adjusters may need to examine evidence like traffic camera footage, photos of the accident scene, and even driver cell phone records to figure out who is at fault for the crash.

When Is a Driver at Fault for a T-Bone Car Accident?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has reported that side-impact collisions made up nearly one-quarter of all motor vehicle accident deaths in 2020.

Many T-bone accidents are the result of traffic law violations. When a driver breaks the rules of the road, they may strike another motorist’s vehicle as a direct result of their negligence.

Here are some common scenarios in which a driver is likely at fault for a T-bone collision:

  • A driver runs a red light or stop sign and hits a car already in the intersection.
  • A driver is distracted by cell phone use or another distraction and collides with a car traveling perpendicular to them.
  • A driver pulls out of a driveway or side street without properly checking the road for other cars.
  • A driver makes an illegal left-hand turn at an intersection.
  • A driver drives recklessly or doesn’t follow signage in a parking lot.
  • A driver violates one-way or no-turn laws.
  • A driver attempts to make a turn or U-turn in the path of oncoming traffic.

These are just a few scenarios in which a driver may be at fault for a T-bone accident. If you have questions about the particular details of a T-bone collision in which you or a loved one were injured, please contact the Law Office of Todd W. Burris to discuss your case in further detail. An experienced attorney can help you analyze the circumstances of your crash to fully determine who’s at fault.

How Is Fault Determined in a T-Bone Accident?

Because many T-bone car crashes occur at intersections, there is often traffic camera footage that can be helpful in determining liability. But when traffic camera video of the incident is not available or does not conclusively show who is at fault, other sources of evidence may be necessary.

Evidence that can help determine fault for a T-bone auto accident includes:

  • The police report made at the scene of the accident
  • Eyewitness statements from those who witnessed the incident, including both involved motorists
  • Any cell phone camera pictures taken of the crash site
  • Dashcam footage from an involved or nearby vehicle
  • Cell phone records that show a driver was texting or on the phone at the time of the crash
  • Auto mechanic reports detailing the physical damage to vehicles involved
  • The professional testimony of an expert witness, such as a traffic reconstructionist

Knowing exactly who’s at fault for a T-bone accident is important for insurance filing purposes. In Kentucky, a “no-fault” auto insurance state, your own motor vehicle liability policy will typically kick in first to cover your damages like property damage, medical bills, and out-of-pocket expenses. However, if you incurred at least $1,000 in medical expenses or suffered a severe, debilitating injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, you may be entitled to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer.

What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Lexington, KY?

The Lexington Police Department responds to more than 6,000 traffic calls a month in our city. Based on police-collected data, these are some of the most dangerous intersections in Lexington, KY:

  • Man o’ War Boulevard and Nicholasville Road
  • Man o’ War Boulevard and Tates Creek Road
  • Richmond Road and Man o’ War Boulevard
  • Nicholasville Road (US Highway 27) and Zandale Drive
  • Nicholasville Road (US Highway 27) and Pasadena Drive/ Malibu Drive

No matter how safely you navigate an intersection, one careless driver can cause a serious collision that hurts or kills others. The Kentucky 2020 – 2024 Strategic Highway Safety Plan aims toward the goal of the complete “elimination of serious injuries and deaths due to crashes on our roadways.” The Plan strives to look holistically at the complex variety of factors that work together to contribute to the likelihood that a crash will occur.

When strategizing crash-reduction techniques, analysts study a combination of human factors (like distracted driving or impaired driving), the type of roadway user (such as driver or pedestrian), and road location of the crash. This data shows us that crashes are more likely to occur at intersections, and when driver factors like aggressive, distracted, or impaired driving are involved. T-bone crashes are often the tragic culmination of driver negligence in conjunction with multiple vehicles intersecting at a traffic light or stop sign.

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We also see the big picture. We know that every case we win is a step toward a brighter future. When a reckless, intoxicated, or distracted driver is held accountable for their negligence, they are less likely to do it again—and an example is set for others that dangerous behaviors will not be tolerated.

If you’re not sure how to prove who’s at fault for your T-bone accident—but know that you are facing a future of financial uncertainty after an accident you didn’t cause—we can help.

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