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Lexington, KY Motorcycle Death Lawyer

Motorcycle accident deaths may be rare—only accounting for 13% of all U.S. motor vehicle crash deaths in 2014—but anyone who rides a motorcycle is at a greater risk of dying in a crash due to the smaller size and unprotected nature of a motorcycle. There’s also the fact that most drivers don’t look out for motorcyclists like they should. In light of this fact, if someone you love was in a devastating motorcycle crash and lost their life, you need a Lexington, KY motorcycle death lawyer on your side.

Here are some facts about motorcycle crash deaths:

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, per mile, a motorcyclist has 26 times the chance of dying in a crash compared to a driver in an enclosed vehicle.
  • Motorcycle deaths, overall, are on the decline in the United States, but as mentioned above, approximately 13% of all motor vehicle crash deaths still involve motorcyclists.
  • That 13% translates to roughly 4,295 motorcycle deaths every year.

Helmets, protective gear, and obediently following motorcycle safety practices and precautions are all ways motorcyclists can avoid being in a life-threatening accident, but unfortunately, motorcyclists share the road with hundreds of larger, heavier vehicles at any given time. All it takes is one mistake from a driver inside one of those vehicles to cause a horrific accident with the force and weight of that larger vehicle behind it.

Accidents between motorcycles and larger, heavier vehicles rarely end well for the motorcyclist. Catastrophic injuries are often the result of motorcycle accidents. Other times, lives are unfortunately lost.

Filing a Motorcycle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In the legal world, when a life is lost in a terrible accident or occurrence, the surviving spouse or family members have a right to file a lawsuit on behalf of their loved one, thereby giving them a voice to speak against any injustices or wrongdoings that may have occurred. We call this type of lawsuit a wrongful death lawsuit.

In order for any type of wrongful death lawsuit—including a motorcycle wrongful death lawsuit—to hold up in a Kentucky court, three points must be established to be true:

  • That someone was at fault for the accident.
  • That the lawsuit was filed by someone legally entitled to receive compensation on behalf of the deceased (in most cases, a child, legal beneficiary, or spouse).
  • That the death of the loved one results in a monetary loss which would have a significant impact on the survivors.

Establishing fault in a motorcycle accident can often be a challenge. Most auto insurance companies will do everything in their power to try and claim that the motorcyclist was at fault, but as we know, that simply isn’t always the case. Even the safest of motorcyclists are always at risk.

Taking Legal Action

For a motorcycle wrongful death lawsuit to be successful, first you must hire a lawyer who is experienced in handling motorcycle and wrongful death cases. Without an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, any court or jury may find it hard to sympathize with the motorcyclist—especially if they hold a personal grudge against motorcyclists on the road.

Todd W. Burris, Lexington, KY motorcycle death lawyer, is a Kentucky personal injury attorney who is experienced with these types of complicated cases and is willing to fight on your loved one’s behalf. Contact our Lexington office for more information or a free case consultation.

Filing a motorcycle wrongful death lawsuit won’t bring back your loved one, but it will help you and your family recover from a tragedy that should not have occurred. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that the driver who caused the accident will likely be more careful in the future and keep an eye out for motorcyclists on the road. With our help, you can find the way to recovery.

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