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What Are the Risk Factors for a Concussion?

Published on Nov 19, 2020 at 12:40 pm in Traumatic Brain Injury.
What Are the Risk Factors for a Concussion?

Head injuries, like concussions, whether mild or severe, should always be taken seriously because of their inherent risk. As with any injury to the brain, a concussion can be potentially debilitating and cause life-long damage. That’s why it’s important to follow your treatment plan and be especially careful when healing from a concussion, or any brain injury.

Dealing with the side effects or permanent damage from a concussion can severely impact your finances, as well as your physical and emotional well-being. You could be dealing with piling medical bills, high treatment costs, and lost wages from missed work. A traumatic brain injury lawyer from the Law Office of Todd W. Burris can help you recover the financial compensation you deserve after a brain injury that wasn’t your fault.

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