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Where Do Most Commercial Truck Accidents Happen?

Published on Jan 10, 2019 at 12:57 pm in General.
Where Do Most Commercial Truck Accidents Happen?

Many businesses depend on commercial trucks to transport their merchandise and goods. It also supplies people with jobs. However, these large trucks can be dangerous when they’re driven negligently and get in an accident. Their size and weight make them more likely to cause severe injuries and fatalities. When a truck crash happens, you need representation that will fight for your rights.

The Law Office of Todd W. Burris understands how overwhelmed you may feel after a collision. The financial stress of missing work and medical expenses can make dealing with a claim the last thing on your mind. But that’s where we step in. Negligent truck drivers or trucking companies need to be held accountable for their actions, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll find what caused your accident and evaluate the amount of economic and noneconomic damages you suffered. Then we’ll start the process to get you the compensation you deserve.

It may benefit you to know more about semi truck accidents like where they occur and why they happen.

Some Quick Facts About Big Rig Accidents

In the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 2018 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics, they report information about the amount of commercial vehicles in the United States and collision statistics.

  • In 2016, there were 8,746,518 registered single-unit trucks.
  • 2,752,043 registered vehicles were tractor trailers.
  • 7 million commercial motor vehicles operate interstate.
  • 4 million commercial motor vehicles operate intrastate.

With such a high number of these vehicles on the road, you’re probably wondering about crashes and where the occur. In 2016, 4,079 collisions included a truck or bus on the nation’s roadways. This includes highways and interstates, which are popular choices for people who want a direct route to their destination or have to travel over long distances.

Overall, 2016 saw 475,000 crashes with large trucks. 3,864 of those crashes were fatal and 104,000 caused injuries. With so many people affected in these tragedies, you may wonder about what caused them. Having a better idea of how these accidents happen may help you avoid them in the future and stay safer on the road.

Driving More Safely Around Trucks

While these statistics can make you wary of wanting to use the same roadways as trucks, you’re probably going to have to share the road with them sooner or later. There are certain steps you can take to make sure you’re driving safely around these vehicles.

Trucks have considerable blind spots. Make sure you’re not too close in front of behind the semi because it’s not likely that the driver will see you. The places on the sides of the truck are also blind to the driver. If you can’t see your car in the truck’s mirror, there’s a good chance the driver cannot see you either.

You should also be aware that trucks cannot make sudden stops or turns. They need time to slow down in order to safely navigate those changes. If they don’t, they risk jackknifing or losing control of the vehicle. You don’t know if the person driving the semi is a new or experienced driver. You also don’t know if they’re dealing with driver fatigue, which can lead any driver to make more mistakes.

Because of this, it may be a good idea to safely pass trucks or let them pass you on the highway. Just make sure to keep blind spots and maneuverability in mind, as a truck won’t be able to make quick maneuvers like one could with a car.

Ultimately, big rig accidents happen because of someone’s negligence. It could have been the driver or the trucking company could be at fault for putting dangerous vehicles on the road. Holding the guilty party accountable for their actions sends a message that they can’t continue to act negligently because they’re putting people’s lives at risk.

The Law Office of Todd W. Burris Can Help You

You deserve to have peace of mind that professionals are looking out for your best interests. The Law Office of Todd W. Burris will always proceed with your best interests in mind and we’ll work with you so you’re never confused or not up to speed on your case.

We have experience in commercial truck accidents and know how to conduct an investigation to get to the truth. We won’t back down if the negligent party is a big trucking company.

If you’ve been wrongfully injured, give us a call today and set up an obligation-free consultation.

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