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What Auto Features Can Help Teens Drive Safer?

Published on Nov 12, 2020 at 12:51 pm in Car Accident.
What Auto Features Can Help Teens Drive Safer?

When teenagers get their license, they’re thinking about the newfound independence they have. They’re likely excited and ready to drive everywhere. However, their parents are focused on the risks associated with driving. Even if a teenage driver is following all precautions, they are still inexperienced and may not know what to do if another driver acts negligently. There are some auto features that can increase awareness and alert the driver of what’s happening—which can decrease the chances of a car accident occurring. Let’s look into what auto features can help make teens drive safer.

Auto Features That Increase Driver Safety for Teens

While a teenager may have their license, they may not be used to driving for long hours, driving at night, or to keep alert for other drivers making risky decisions. To aid with this, many cars now have auto features that can alert the driver. Helpful auto safety features include:

  • Cameras. Cars that have cameras allow the driver to see what’s behind them while they’re reversing the car. While drivers should still look themselves, a camera may be able to show what the driver cannot see. For example, backing out of a parking lot can be tricky if you’re parked between two large cars. The driver may not be able to see oncoming traffic. In this case, the camera can help them see if any cars are approaching. Cameras can also aid in parallel parking, and sensors can go off if the car is approaching an object.
  • Blind Spot Alerts. Teenagers may not remember to check their blind spots when they’re merging or making a lane change. Cars that alert the driver of other vehicles in their blind spots can prevent accidents. The driver will know there’s someone in their blind spot and they can wait for the vehicle to pass before safely entering the other lane.
  • Lane Departure Warning. Driving on a highway or driving for a long time can cause road hypnosis. The driver gets in a sleepy state and they may not remember the past few miles. If this occurs, the driver may begin to accidentally exit their lane. A car that senses you’re leaving your lane will alert the driver so they can correct their steering and prevent veering out of their lane.
  • Automatic Braking. Sensors on the car can detect a collision if the vehicle is moving too quickly. If this happens, automatic braking can slow the car down or stop it completely. This feature can be especially helpful in parking lots.

While these automatic features can provide a lot of safety for teens, new drivers also need to take safety precautions themselves. They need to know the dangers of distracted driving, like phone use, eating, and having multiple people in the car. If they’re running late, they shouldn’t speed to make up the time. They may arrive late, but they’ll be safe. If they feel tired, they shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Caffeine, radio, and rolling the window down for fresh air do not combat drowsiness.

These car features and education of how accidents happen can help teenagers drive safely and be alert for dangerous drivers on the road. However, if a negligent driver caused an accident that harmed them, there may be grounds for legal action.

The Law Office of Todd Burris Helps Car Accident Victims

Our firm in Lexington provides legal services to those who have been hurt in Kentucky. A car accident can cause serious injuries and damages. While all car accidents are typically unexpected, a new teenage driver may have never expected that something like a collision could happen to them. In addition to injuries and property damage, it may take time before they feel safe behind the wheel again.

When you’re dealing with medical bills, property damage, and helping your teenager come to terms with what happened, taking legal action with a skilled car accident lawyer can be the way that you get the support you need. When we’re representing a client in a car accident case, we examine all the evidence available to find out what happened, who was at fault, and how we can get you the compensation you deserve. You can focus on helping your teenager heal when you have the financial security that fair compensation provides.

To get started on your case, get in touch with The Law Office of Todd Burris today for a free case evaluation. We’ll answer your questions and discuss how you can proceed.




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