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The 5 Most Common Road Hazards in Kentucky

Published on Dec 2, 2019 at 9:15 am in Car Accident.
The 5 Most Common Road Hazards in Kentucky

Kentucky has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. In 2017, there were 22,846 people injured in traffic accidents and 664 were killed, according to a report by the Kentucky State Police. The report also stated that compared to the national average, the roadway death rate of our state is slightly higher. The cause could be road hazards that are common in our state. Keep reading to find out what might be causing so many car accidents.

Deer and other animals

Animals are dangerous obstacles on rural roads. As the state with the seventh highest rural road fatality rate, Kentucky back roads have plenty of animals to look out for.  In 2017, there were over 6,000 collisions involving deer and other animals in Kentucky. Most collisions were not fatal, but they still prove to be a road hazard to be aware of.

When driving on any road, not just rural, you should always scan the sides of the road to be aware of movement coming from beyond the shoulder. Although you can’t always avoid an animal running out into the road, you can be prepared by being vigilant while driving.


Weather from this past winter caused damage to our roads and created tons of potholes, as reported by the local news. Although hitting a pothole typically doesn’t cause a fatal accident, it still can easily cause damage to your vehicle or a collision with another car. Even if you don’t hit the pothole, you could still get into an accident when you’re trying to avoid one.

You should try to avoid hitting a pothole as best as possible because it can cause serious damage to your car. But in your avoidance of the hazard, you shouldn’t swerve so much that you go into the other lane if you don’t have room. If you see a pothole, you should report it to either Metro Public Works or the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet so that it can be filled and prevent future problems.

Water on the road

Many people might think that wet roads are not that dangerous, but they can actually be more dangerous than ice. According to a report by the Kentucky State Police, there were over 30,000 collisions on wet roads, but less than 6,000 crashes on ice or snow. That makes rain about 5 times more dangerous than ice and snow.

Many people drive recklessly in the rain because they think it’s not slippery, but it’s not true. The report also found that slippery surfaces and water pooling account for about 17,000 collisions in 2017. So when it’s raining or there’s water on the road, drive carefully.


We usually expect roads to be clear of foreign objects so that we can drive safely, but that isn’t always the case. When there’s bad weather that brings debris onto the road, like landslides, or when there’s another accident and other car parts get left behind, that can be hazardous to you while you’re driving.

The State Police’s report listed about 1,000 collisions in 2017 were caused by debris in the roadway. If you try to veer out of the way of debris, sometimes that can be more dangerous than attempting to brake in time because swerving into another lane can easily cause a collision. Always be on the lookout for debris while driving so that you can react quickly and safely.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams might seem like they reduce accidents because everybody is moving slowly, but when drivers aren’t paying attention, they can be dangerous. The same police report from above calculated that about 40% of all traffic collisions are caused by driver inattention. Distracted driving combined with traffic jams can create a deadly situation. Be sure to always pay attention to the road and traffic patterns so that you can adjust your speed accordingly.

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