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    What Not to Do After a Truck Accident

    Truck accidents are different from regular car accidents because the truck driver and the company that employs the driver can both be held liable.  Truck drivers are required to follow company policies for safe driving and protocol for how to handle accidents when they occur.  Failure to do so can leave them and their employer liable for damages.  Knowing what to do after a truck accident can help you avoid making key mistakes that hurt your case.

    Do not skip getting a police report.  A police report is an important part of your case.  An initial evaluation of the accident may appear as though little to no damage has been done.  And it may seem excessive to keep everyone involved waiting at the scene for an officer to arrive.  Even if it seems unnecessary, it is better to take the time to file an official report.  This provides official documentation of the crash, when and how it occurred, and will certainly be useful later in court.

    Do not turn down medical attention.  This can be held against you should you need to make a case later for your injuries.  Assuming too quickly that you do not have any physical injuries can be your biggest mistake.  You should always get a full physical examination from your doctor immediately following any accident.  Many accident related injuries do not display symptoms until days or weeks later.  Our bodies handle the shock of the crash by producing endorphins to disguise pain.  As these endorphins dissipate, injuries become apparent.  Receiving medical attention after a crash can diagnose the injuries that the endorphins seek to hide.

    It is important not to over share information with the insurance companies involved.  Filing a report with your insurance is important, but it is also important not to give them too many details.  Should you need to bring a case against your insurance company later in order to be compensated for damages and medical expenses, your insurance company will attempt to use your words and the description you gave of the accident against you.  Do not make any concrete statements regarding your damages or injuries until both have been professionally evaluated and diagnosed.

    Perhaps, the most important decision you make after a truck accident is contacting an experienced lawyer to help you with your case.  Todd W Burris, Lexington, KY truck accident lawyer is dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced an accident receive the financial compensation and medical care they deserve.  Contact the Law Office of Todd W. Burris today for a free zero-obligation evaluation of your claim today.

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