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How Will Chiropractor Treatments Affect My Car Accident Settlement?

Published on Dec 21, 2020 at 10:44 am in Car Accident.
How Will Chiropractor Treatments Affect My Car Accident Settlement?

If you are injured in a car accident, you may need to see a chiropractor to take care of these injuries. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, chiropractic care is a health care profession that focuses on promoting the body’s ability to heal itself. They usually treat musculoskeletal issues.

As you’re looking at the care you’ll need, you may wonder how you’re going to afford it and if your settlement could help cover these costs. Let’s take a look at how chiropractor treatments will affect your car accident settlement.

Can Your Car Accident Settlement Cover Chiropractor Treatment?

Your settlement should cover the injuries and damages you’ve incurred from the accident. Additionally, many health plans do cover chiropractors. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically get the compensation you need to cover chiropractic treatments.

The important aspect you need to keep in mind is the medical expense has to be necessary. It’s possible for the necessity of these treatments to be questioned. If this is the case, you’ll want to have evidence that shows these chiropractic treatments were necessary to your recovery.

Showing the Necessity of Your Chiropractic Treatment

The evidence can include a few components. You can use the medical evaluation you had after the car accident to show the injuries you sustained. You’ll also include the symptoms you’re experiencing as a result of these injuries.

You may also include a detailed list of the chiropractic treatments you’re receiving and what they do. Making the direct link between your car accident injury and the treatment can help prove this is a necessary procedure to help you heal.

Once you’ve shown this, you’ll also want to keep records of the treatment you received, the date of the treatment, and the cost of the treatment. Having everything recorded and accurately billed will help you show these happened soon after your accident.

Consider getting copies of your bills, appointments, and any other important documents and keeping them organized in one place. This way, if you need to use these to support your claim, you’ll have them ready.

Don’t Wait for Medical Treatment

If you wait a long time after your accident before seeking medical treatment, it may reduce the amount of compensation you’re able to recover. Injuries can worsen and require more treatment if you don’t see a doctor as quickly as possible.

The time you spent waiting to go to the doctor could call the severity of your injuries into question. The insurance company may reason that because you didn’t seek medical treatment immediately following the accident, your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

Because you may not always notice the symptoms of your car accident injuries until a few days after, you should go to the doctor for a medical evaluation regardless of how you’re feeling. They’ll be able to find how the car accident affected you and determine the extent of your injuries. Then, they’ll start treating you so you can recover.

When you’re seeking personal injury compensation, you’ll need to show that the other person’s negligence is the reason why your injuries occurred in the first place. To give yourself the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve, having a lawyer represent you can help you present a strong claim.

Seek Help from the Law Office of Todd Burris

When you’re dealing with car accident injuries that weren’t your fault, you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages. You shouldn’t have to worry about affording the care you need. It’s important to have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side who will protect your best interests. We will fight for you to get full and fair compensation.

If you need medical care, our lawyers will look into the care you’ve received and the projected time you’ll need to go through the treatment and recover. We’ll fight for you to recover damages for the medical expenses you’ve incurred. If this includes chiropractic treatment, we’ll examine the evidence of your medical evaluation to show that you need this treatment in order to heal.

To get started on your case, get in touch with the Law Office of Todd Burris today. In a free case evaluation, we’ll go over what happened to you, how you were injured, and what you need to recover from this accident. Our attorneys will work with you to find the best way to put this accident behind you and look forward to the future.

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