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How Often Do Truck Accidents Occur in Georgetown?

Published on Jul 19, 2021 at 8:33 am in Truck Accident.
How Often Do Truck Accidents Occur in Georgetown?

Driving through Georgetown, Kentucky can be an appealing experience—our picturesque streets make travelling to your destination more enjoyable, or if Georgetown is your destination, you might be driving through on the way to your next activity. However, since we’re located between three major cities in Kentucky, we see a lot of truck traffic on our roads.

Even if you are paying attention to the road and driving carefully, even the most trained truck driver could make a mistake that causes a collision. If you’ve been in a truck accident in Georgetown, you could use the help of an attorney. At the Law Office of Todd W. Burris, we understand how detrimental a large truck wreck can be, which is why we’re here to support you and get you justice.

Georgetown Truck Accidents

Just like any area of the country where large trucks frequently travel, there are bound to be accidents between the large rigs and regular sized vehicles. Just in December of 2020, there was a collision between a tractor trailer and a pickup truck where the driver of the pickup swerved into the large truck’s lane. In this accident, the driver of the pickup was severely injured, but the driver of the commercial truck was uninjured.

The example above shows how dangerous truck accidents are for the occupants of passenger vehicles compared to truckers. The size and weight of the truck protects the truck driver and creates a deadly situation for the passengers of regular sized motor vehicles.

Even though the above accident didn’t occur on I-75, many truck accidents that occur in Georgetown happen on I-75. This is a major highway that runs through Kentucky from Ohio, and continues south through Tennessee, Georgia, and beyond. Since it’s a major roadway that spans several states and travels through many cities, including Lexington, it makes sense that there’s so many trucks that use it for shipping.

With more large trucks on that highway, the higher the chances are of getting into a collision with one of them. No matter how trained a trucker is, it’s still possible for them to make a mistake or be negligent behind the wheel. It’s also possible for you to make a mistake and cause a wreck. Let’s take a look at a way you can try to stay safe by checking road conditions.

How Can I Check Traffic Conditions in Georgetown?

Before you travel through Georgetown, you can check the traffic to see if there has been an accident, or if there are a large number of trucks on the road that have been reported. Citizens and drivers in Georgetown can report the traffic conditions here, so that you can be better prepared for what’s waiting for you on the road.

Users can report traffic jams, accidents, and other information on the site. This helps you know what to expect when you’re driving through Georgetown or explain why you’re in standstill traffic. If there’s heavy traffic, that could mean that there are more trucks on the road that day and could warn you to be more careful when driving.

Although this is not foolproof, and drivers still make mistakes, it’s useful to know if there was a collision. Sometimes a collision and subsequent traffic jam can lead to even more crashes, especially with large trucks. If they can’t brake in time, they can get into a wreck. Other times, they’ll need to bypass an area and use backroads to minimize lost time. This can be dangerous as well because you aren’t expecting a tractor trailer on your street.

Truck accidents happen in Georgetown for plenty of reasons, which is why it’s important to always be vigilant and drive defensively. That way, you can safely react to negligent truck drivers so that you don’t get into an accident. However, it’s not always possible to avoid a collision. That’s where a lawyer comes in.

When you’ve been in a large truck wreck that wasn’t your fault, you could use some guidance about your legal options to hold the negligent driver, trucking company, or truck part manufacturer accountable for their actions. At the Law Office of Todd W. Burris, we’re here to represent you and ensure you get the best outcome possible in your claim.

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