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How Major Does a Car Accident Have to Be to Get Reported?

Published on Mar 15, 2019 at 7:56 am in Car Accident.
How Major Does a Car Accident Have to Be to Get Reported?

Car accidents are traumatic experiences that often leave people with injuries and a long road to recovery. Their future can be very uncertain and this causes a considerable amount of stress. Unfortunately, this can be when an insurance adjuster will come forward and try to get the injured person to settle. Because the person wants to handle the matter immediately, they will often agree to the first offer. However, this can be a mistake because it’s likely less than what they should be owed. You need an attorney who will protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve after a car accident.

Before you get into the claims process, you may be wondering about what constitutes as an accident that needs to be reported. Making a police report could benefit you because law enforcement will have a legal account of what happened, and your lawyer can make sure you alert the right parties. Let’s look into when you should report a car accident.

When Should You Report a Car Accident?

There are many different types and severities of car accidents that one can be involved in, which is why it can be confusing to know when you need to make a report. If you’re in an accident where someone sustains an injury, you should always make a report. Wrecks that cause a considerable amount of damage, such as over $1,000, should also be reported.

Another rule of thumb is to report the accident if another vehicle is involved, even if there aren’t any injuries. When you’re in a wreck with another vehicle, it’s imperative that you get the necessary information from the other driver. You should get their name, contact information, their policy number, and information about their vehicle like the make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

It’s also important for you to be prompt about your reporting. You should inform the insurance company when you’re able to. However, make sure to only report the facts as you know them. Don’t make any guesses about what caused the accident or your injuries. It’s common with car wreck injuries that you don’t know how much damage was done until a few days or sometimes weeks later.

Because the shock of an accident can be so severe, symptoms of injuries may be masked or take time to present. This can lead you to believe you’re less injure than you really are. If you report that you’re fine, but later discover you have injuries that need care, they may ask why you said you were okay in the first place. These tactics could possibly lower your compensation.

When one is involved in a single-vehicle accident, you may not know if you should report it. But if damage occurred, you should tell your insurance company. In some cases, if a driver with a perfect record has a small accident, it may be forgiven. There is the chance that your premiums could increase, but you need to make that report.

There are some single-vehicle accidents that are so minor that it may not be necessary to report them. These are usually low-impact wrecks done at low speeds. Incorrectly reversing into a fence is an example of one of these crashes. If no injuries occur and the damage is comparable to your collision deductible, you may not have to report this. But you can always ask your personal injury attorney if you have any questions or concerns.

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