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Georgetown Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It’s not always possible to care for your loved one in your home. Even though you might want to keep them in their own home or with you for as long as possible, you’re not always able to provide them with the level of care and attention they need. That’s why you might make the tough choice to place them in a nursing home.

When you trust a nursing home with the care of your loved one, you expect them to provide the same level of care as you would. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If your loved one is not receiving adequate care at their facility, then you could use the help of a Georgetown nursing home abuse lawyer. We’ll help fight for your loved one’s rights and hold the facility accountable for their negligent actions that harmed your older family member.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, there are many ways that a nursing home resident can be abused by the staff who is supposed to care for them. The abuse that a resident can suffer can be physical, emotional, financial, or sexual.

Physical abuse is usually the easiest to prove in court because the signs are easier to see. When staff members hit, roughly grab, or forcefully restrain residents, they often leave bruises, cuts, and scars. These can be easy for family members and loved ones to identify because if the marks are unable to be explained, it’s most likely because the resident is being physically abused.

Emotional abuse can be harder to notice than physical abuse but can be just as devastating. Your loved one is already vulnerable, and emotional abuse can cause greater harm to their well-being. A staff member neglecting, belittling, humiliating, intimidating, or isolating your loved one is emotionally abusing them. This type of abuse can be hard to spot because the scars often aren’t visible. If your loved one becomes more withdrawn, has poor hygiene, or has any major mood changes, then they could be experiencing emotional abuse.

Financial abuse is when a staff member either steals money from a resident or convinces them to give them access to their bank accounts. If you notice money missing from your loved one’s bank accounts, a change in who has access to their accounts, or valuable items are missing from their room, then they could be experiencing financial abuse from a staff member.

Sexual abuse is less common but just as harmful to a nursing home resident. As a member of the most vulnerable population, older people might be physically weaker or mentally incompetent from diseases like Alzheimer’s, so sexual abuse can be forced upon them. If you suspect your loved one is experiencing sexual abuse, it’s important you get them help right away.

Nobody deserves to be abused. A Georgetown nursing home abuse lawyer will fight to protect your loved one’s rights and ensure that they get the justice they deserve for their suffering.

Kentucky Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

Even though you admit your loved one into a facility to have their health monitored and carried out by other people, they still have rights that need to be protected. There are both federal and state rights that a facility must adhere to for their patients. Nursing home residents have the right to:

  • Have a dignified existence.
  • Not be discriminated against.
  • Be fully informed and refuse treatment.
  • File a grievance.
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality.
  • Access their personal and clinical records.
  • Be informed of all services available at their long-term care facility.
  • Be free from abuse.
  • Manage their own funds.

These are just some of the most basic rights that nursing home residents have. There are many more that are more complex and specific to privacy and rights that residents have, but the gist is that residents are still citizens and deserve their own privacy and to make their own decisions if they are capable.

When a resident is abused physically, emotionally, or financially by their long-term care facility, not only is it a violation of their basic human rights but also a violation of their rights as a patient. Our Georgetown nursing home abuse lawyer understands these rights and knows what to look for to see if they’ve been violated. With our help, your loved one can get justice for the abuse they’ve suffered.

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If a resident of a nursing home has been abused, they deserve to get justice for the harmful actions that were inflicted upon them. To hold their Georgetown facility responsible and prevent this from happening to any other resident, you should hire a nursing home abuse lawyer from the Law Office of Todd W. Burris.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers know exactly what to look for when you file your claim and how to prove your loved one experienced abuse. To talk about your legal options and how to move forward with your case, contact our office for a free consultation.

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