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    The 4 Most Important Types of Car Accident Evidence

    Car accidents occur every day, without warning, and can involve even the most careful and cautious drivers on the road.  After an accident, you will probably be shaken up.  But it is important to begin collecting evidence right away.  Your memory of the crash and the events leading up to the crash are freshest in your mind in the immediate moments after it occurs.  Settlement of your claim may not take place until months later, and important details about the crash risk getting lost.  Here are four types of car accident evidence that are important to collect to help you build a strong case.

    Photographs.  Take pictures of everything.  Visual evidence is invaluable when describing the event to someone who was not at the scene.  Vehicle damage, vehicle positions, the road itself, license plates, and injuries, such as cuts and bruising, are all valuable images to have when building evidence for your case.  Take pictures from several angles using a good quality camera.  Cell phone cameras today are more than capable of capturing clear images, and are usually on hand to capture the photographic evidence you need.

    Police Reports.  Police reports are valuable in establishing who was at fault in a crash.  These reports are completed by an unbiased individual and include detailed description of how the crash occurred and what events or actions caused it to happen.  The police report may also note if someone was cited for a traffic infraction or criminal traffic offense, which can become evidence of that driver’s fault in the crash.

    Medical Records.  Evaluation by a medical professional in the days immediately after an accident is vital in determining any potential injuries you may have.  Your doctor will also recommend recovery medical treatment, which can be lengthy and costly depending on the injury you have.  Medical records support your claims that your injuries occurred during the crash and help determine the financial compensation you will need to pay for your recovery.

    Bills and Estimates.  When it is time to settle your claim, the amount of money you should be awarded will need to be determined.  Emergency medical bills, cost estimates for long term recovery treatment, and vehicle repair bills and estimates are important documents to collect as evidence of the amount of financial compensation you will need to be awarded to return your life to normal again.  Potential long term care is important to include in your estimates, as many car accident injuries take a long time to heal.

    A Lexington car accident lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need for a successful case.  The Law Office of Todd W. Burris is experienced in handling complicated car accident claims, and will help you build a case that is strongly supported by evidence that proves you deserve substantial financial compensation.  Medical bills, vehicle repairs, and recovery treatment are not your responsibility if the accident was not your fault.  Contact our legal team today for a free, no-obligation consultation of your case.

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